Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can't Stop Missing You

 I really love drawing, sketching, and doodling ever since! I have this heart for arts and doing these make me happy and worry-free.

My paints! Missed them like so much!

My shop's name It's Up To G (Multiply or Facebook)

Finished the handpainting! But I still have to customize the shirt itself.

I just hate how my paint brushes disappeared like dust. Grrrr! That's the reason why this was the design I made. Anyhow, I am still happy for having this cutie patootie design! Super loooove! So what do you think about this handpainted tee? Will I start selling these babies in my shop, It's Up To G (Multiply or Facebook)? Hihi. Tell me your insights. Love love love! I am gonna post here the real finished product soon! So just stay tuned here. Thank you, lovies!

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