Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life Saver

Yay, new delivery! Can't wait to open it!

So faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab!

Lookie lookie! These HWS go with a 20% off discount for the entrance fee! How cool is that!

These HWS are from The Second Shop! Aren't they so faaaaaaaaaaaaaab? :) The Second Shop offers exceptional clothing. Their clothes may be pre-loved, thrifted, or custom-made. I really do love this shop to bits! I always love their collections... so trendy and affordable! Can't wait for the upcoming collections!

P.S. Sorry for this itsy bitsy post! I am really not in the mood to blog looooong post now since there is something going on with "us" (can't concentrate). Okay, I will stop dwelling on that part! No to bad vibes! :)

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