Sunday, October 9, 2011

Random Day

K, so I am random today. Very random. So many *ughhhh. Anyway, I'll just tell you what happened this day. Aaron and I had some tambay mode at Starbucks. We were there from 2 PM (I think) to 7 PM. We love the atmosphere there... so relaxing and so refreshing unlike any other coffee shops. Both of us also loooooove to drink coffee especially frappe! Yumyum. Java Chip (as always) for me and Capuccino for him. Here are some of our photos:
Me so sleepy!

So vain -_____-

K. The face.

So happy together! :)

With him, I feel so loved.

So, how was your day guys? Share it. I would love to hear something from you. :)

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