Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Attention, Dearest Readers!

Good day, guys! I am here again asking for all your help! Please help me win a booth at the Port 88 Bazaar this coming December 10-11, 2011!! I WOULD BE FOREVER GRATEFUL. :) So on to the mechanics:

1. Go here Port 88: Ready, Set, SALE! and click on the "Join" button.
2. After joining, copy and paste this: “I’m attending Port 88: Ready, Set, SALE! for @It's Up To G." there (on the Port 88 event's wall)!
3. Please do help me spread these words!!!Thank you, friends! ♥ Please help me win and I've got a SURPRISE for everyone! :">

P.S. This would be my first ever bazaar experience!! So, help me please, dearest readers!

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