Thursday, November 10, 2011

High School, I miss!

I seriously miss the days I am with my high school buddies - kulitan, kwentuhan, asaran, dramahan, etcetera. And onto my to-do list, bond with HS buddies aka SPG (Samahan ng Parating Gutom). I am known for THE mahilig mag-aya/mag-plan ng lakad. But during College, I changed. I never planned hang-outs with the barkada because of my busy scheds in school and Aaron (honestly).

So, last Monday (which is a holiday), I asked them (SPG) if we could hang-out somewhere without splurging. Fortunately, they replied. Hihi. Happy me! We went to TriNoma and SM North to have a stroll around and have snacks. I was with Meldz and Zes. Yes, we were not complete but I am happy though since this pushed-through! We ate at Slammer Burgers, SM North. Here are the pictures:

Really can't get enough of these delish burgers!

Belgian Supreme, the best!

Meet Meldz!

Meet Zes!

Happy me! :)
We didn't have much time together but we enjoyed still! We had some chitchats while eating and munching these yummy foods. What a fun-filled day!

P.S. I wasn't able to get my outfit shots! :(


  1. aww, i miss HS too! and oh, that belgian supreme looks really yummy it made me realize it's for dinnuh!

    glad to know about your blog! found it on Kryzzie's blog and I just love her so I love all her fans too! hehe ^_^

    say, we follow each other? watchathink? ;)

  2. @Eunica: Awww. Yup, Belgian Supreme's making me hungry again. Haha! Ahh, awwww. <3 Sure I'll follow you. ;)


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