Monday, January 2, 2012


Kryz Uy's Blazer | Justice Inner Top | Zara Shorts

Zara Sling Bag

Bass Shoes | Biofresh Socks
This was my outfit awhile ago. I opted to wear this beautiful blazer as my statement piece. Its design is eye-catching! Right? :) I actually didn't wear accessories to make the blazer stand out. And hey, the blazer already speaks for itself!

Lately, Aaron and I went to SM Fairview to have some time together. We watched Shake, Rattle, and Roll 13! I was amazed on its improvement. Very scary! Geez. Hahahaha! Good thing I was with him!! After watching, we tried Hainanese Delights. And boy, we were surprised how their foods taste! Super delicious. As in!! They have unli hainan rice!!! Their prices won't hurt your pockets. Bonus points for the accommodating staff! We would definitely go back there. Try it out guys!! I know you'll surely love it too, dear readers. :)

P.S. How are my ever wonderful readers? How is your 2012? :)


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