Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vlog 1

Hello to all my dearest readers! Here's my surprise. Hahaha! Please do forgive me for having too many pauses, "yah", "ahh", "hmm", hand gestures, head movements (blame the bangs... or just me! Haha!), and so on and so forth. Sorry guys! It's my very first time to do video blogging so excuse me! I was really nervous when I was doing this. Hehehe. Anyway, again, I am reiterating that I did this vlog for you, my dear reader. I just somehow want to reach you through a video... me, talking.. you, hearing my voice. I hope that I made you smile! Hahaha! So guys, what do you think of me doing this video blogging? Should I make another one? Hihi. Tell me through commenting below! I'd love to hear a word from you, dears!!

P.S. Up next, my outfit post! Stay tuned, loves!

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