Friday, April 20, 2012

A Shopping Haven

Today's Forever 21 day!!! At last, I can shop (till I drop) in Forever 21 without going to SM Megamall because they just opened another branch in SM North The Block! That is really a great news especially to the Q.C. people. Less hassle!

I actually woke up super early awhile ago since I want to have F21 freebies and get the first dibs on their items! I arrived there around 9:00 AM and boy oh boy, the line was already looooong!!! I was afraid I won't be getting freebies then because of the number of people ahead of me. So, what do you think? Did I get the freebies and score beautiful items? I'll leave this question hanging for now. Let's go on to my outfit first!

F-Stop Denim Polo | Justice Yellow Top | DIY Gap Shorts | Mango Bag | Hope Necklace (Gift) | Gray Stockings | H! Floral Shoes
I dressed up as casual as I can be, but still in style, of course. Since I will be doing some shopping, I didn't go for heels or wedges. I wore my cute floral sneakers instead! This outfit is still summer-inspired; hence the denims, brights, and florals.

So, I'll reveal the answer to the question up there! Yes, I did, dears!!! Here they are:

Freebies (Chef Tony's popcorn, Brownies, BDO notebook and pouch, and Forever 21 P500 coupon)
I wasn't able to use my F21 coupon since I won't be overspending. Sayang!

Now, here are the gorgeous pieces I bought: (drum roll please!)

Aztec skirt and socks
I love the fitting of the skirt and the style on it as well as the socks'!!! They're too beautiful not to buy. I am so excited to wear these soon!

Forever 21 is such a shopping haven. I actually had a hard time thinking what to buy!!! There are too many eye-catching pieces! I will definitely go back very soon and hoard some more! So I really must save up again!!!

P.S. So, how was your F21 shopping experience, dears? :)


  1. Hi Gemnikka, you're from Sacre right? Wow, first time ko makakita blogger from sacred heart.Glad to see you're doing well. ♥

    1. Oh, yes po! :) Awww, thank youuuuuu po! :">

  2. nice loot from Forever21! can't wait til you try them on :)

  3. I so so love Forever 21! We went there yesterday and boy was I overwhelmed again! I always get that feeling when I enter Forever 21. :)

    Anyway, nice aztec skirt!

    Oh, and please visit my blog if you have time, fellow thomasian!

    1. I love Forever 21 too!!! :) Thank you for dropping by! Oh sure, I will be checking your blog! ;) xx


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