Thursday, May 31, 2012

It Starts With A "B" And Ends With An "M".

Meet my cutest dog, Glitter!

What a "pacute" face!

This is my most favorite photo from the rest.

What happens when boredom strikes? Well, in my case, I just make fun of myself and capture pictures. Hehehe! The photos above explained how bored I was tonight. What photo do you like the most, dears?

P.S. Tomorrow will be the due date of the shifter's exam results, and I am somewhat nervous and pressured as well. But I have a strong belief that I will get in! Hooray for positivity! I am just hoping as in really hoping that the enrollment won't interfere with my plan on Saturday which is to attend to the highlight of my summer, Bloggers United 3. Please pray for me! :)


  1. hope you did well in your exams hon :) and Glitter looks so soft and cute!!

    1. Thank you, Izzy!! That's really really sweeeeeeeeeeet of youuuu!! <3

  2. cute photos!! :D
    and goodluck with your exam dear!! ;)
    I wish I could attend the BU3 too :( unfortunately I won't be there this time. *sigh* :(

  3. love your hair color, wish i can go to BU3 :((

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