Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

Nowadays, online shopping continuously makes a gargantuan break in the business and fashion scene. Many online shopping havens are showing up like mushrooms. And I am a self-confessed online buyer since forever. I view online buying more convenient than shopping in malls because it is not that hard to browse the things you need and your order/s will arrive right at your doorstep. But, I am just having problems with the payment. I still need to go to the nearest designated bank just to secure the fees.

To my surprise, there is this one unbelievable online shopping destination which offers (by far) the most innovative and accessible operation. Have you heard or read about ZALORA? Yes, you are right... I am pertaining to ZALORA. "Online shopping made easy" is their core dedication. Navigation is so simple and you can ensure your safety without any doubt. Did you know that you can have the payment option of COD or cash on delivery? Indeed, it is just like food deliveries. Other payment options are direct debit, over the counter, credit card and PayPal. Wait, their great service doesn't just end there! How about the shipping and returns, you ask? They do offer free shipping nationwide. Not yet convinced? I am pretty sure you would be very happy if I tell you that the delivery time could be reduced to just 3 hours and same-day delivery. You read them right. And as for the returns, there is still no fee. Now, are you convinced? I assure you are cause I really am!! :)

Now let me show you what are on my ZALORA Wishlist:

Sanuk Get Lei'd Womens | 2,790 php
This footwear is just too hard to resist. This undeniably caught my attention with its details. Florals are very trendy these days. They obviously scream "summer"! I am also a sucker for comfortable yet stylish closed shoes just like this one! I am really dying to have my first ever pair from Sanuk!!

Ray-Ban Aviator Round | 10,990 php
Sunglasses are the bestfriends of lazy girls. Lazy to do make-up or just want to add an interesting statement on your look? Then, put on the most stylish sunglasses in town! I chose the round glasses from Ray-Ban because I have been looking for these since I am deeply in love with anything vintage-y.

Sorry, but let me just cut the excitement! The following pieces are not for me, but for my loved ones. I also want to share blessings to them (that is, if I would be one of the five lucky winners to be chosen). So here they are:

Ray-Ban Classic Aviator | 12,990 php
This Ray-Ban aviator would be perfect for my brother dear. I know he is always dreaming of having sunglasses from the famous Ray-Ban. Its construction is just so versatile and will never go out of style. I want him to have such because he has been a good brother to me (there are misunderstandings sometimes though). Nevertheless, I love him and I want him to be happy!

Timex Classic Male Chick | 2,990 php
This watch from Timex is just so classic (as what the name suggests) and I want my dad to have this luxury watch. I think he really deserves a treat after all the hard works he had been doing. The watch itself defines simplicity (but with an oomph factor). This accessory will definitely complete his everyday overall look!

Bonita Shoulder Bag | 1,916.42 php
Aside from shoes, accessories, and clothes, what are the other obsessions of women? Bags, of course! I personally chose this for my mom because I remember her seeing this very bag. The bag itself embodies beauty and elegance just like my mom. Once combined, perfection sums up.

So there you go! Did I just make your eyes feast over these glamorous pieces which ZALORA carry? Well, what are you waiting for?! Head on now to ZALORA and make your own wishlist or might as well buy your favorite item/s!! They have limited stocks so... let's shop away! :)

*This is my official ZALORA wishlist entry (thank you ZALORA and Nuffnang Philippines for holding such an awesome giveaway!).*


  1. Cool wishlist! I hope we will both win. haha!
    Check mine here: http://lemuelurieta.blogspot.com/2012/04/my-zalora-wishlist.html

    1. Thank you, Lemuel! Hope so, too!! :)

  2. Great picks! Good luck! :)

    Win AWESOME furniture here:

  3. nice idea.. thanks for posting.


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