Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gold Locks

Hello, dearest readers! How was your day? Mine was tiring yet fulfilling. Well, you know how adventurous I am when it comes to my hair. Whenever I get bored with it, I think of ways of changing it and making it reach an extra mile. Since I was already bored with my hair, I decided to visit a newly-opened salon, Envy Me Salon and Spa. I opted for digital perming (digi perm/hot perm). Can I just add, last 2 years, I also had my hair permed but with the traditional perming method (cold perm). What is the difference between the hot perm and cold perm, you ask? The hot perm creates loose curls while cold perm makes smaller curls. The former is more natural than the latter.

So here's what happened earlier...

Free refreshment

My hair is already connected into the "octopus-like" machine.

The whole process lasted for almost 4 hours. It really needs patience!! Nakakangalay nga lang, but definitely worth it!

Are you ready to witness my new permed hair? Hold on to your seats... you might fall the moment you see the result. Okay, I know! I am corny!! Hahahaha!

So, what do you think?

Sorry guys if the photos are not high res. I forgot to bring my cam with me. And also, sorry for not being able to snap the salon's interiors. But I swear, I love how minimalist their design is! Thank you so much to Marie (senior stylist) and her staff for accommodating me! And did I mention, they are still running their services on promo?! Well, there you go! Visit Envy Me Salon and Spa as soon as possible!! :)


  1. Nice curls gem :)You're looking beachy, hahaha. in fairness, shiny sya ha. How much to? I want to undergo digi perm din because i heard pwede to kahit sa rebonded hair.

    1. Hello Ate Arra! :) Thank you!! :"> Hihi. Oh yes, try it! Perfect kasi may promo pa sila!! :)


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