Saturday, July 7, 2012

Missing Those Silent Conversations

Zara checkered polo (borrowed from brother)

Derby Jeans tank top

Zara shorts | Naturalizer bag

Boyfriend polos are one of my favorite casual pieces. They are just so easy to style! You can actually feel comfortable and be stylish at the same time. Not yet convinced? Then, look at my get-up! Without the polo, I don't think my look would have an impact. The polo adds extra character to the outfit. Looking fashionable doesn't always mean looking extravagant... as long as your look makes a certain statement and you are happy with what you are wearing, then you will look as fashionable as you can be. So, go on! Don't be afraid of showing your passion for fashion. Flaunt it.

P.S. So how's your weekend so far, dears? :)

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