Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just Turned Gorgeously 19

Henry Holland cutout dress | Angel necklace (gift) | Aldo earrings | Silverworks stud | Viceo bracelet | Esprit watch | 
Vintage socks | ZARA bag and platform heels | Kimmidoll keychain

Allow me first to thank dear Lord for another year!! :) And of course I want to extend my sincerest and deepest gratitude to everyone who gave me their sweet and touching birthday greetings!! I am truly blessed. Yes, I just reached 19 yesterday. And I could hardly believe that I already had celebrated my birthday. Is it just me or time really does fly sooooooooo fast?! What a fast-paced reality. Anyway, this was my look. I chose vintage as my theme. I really love the vibe it gives--charming and dainty! This cutout dress is amazingly beautiful. I adore the "little surprise" at the back! Since the dress is already a statement-maker, I opted to just add classic pieces. And I am all done! So, how'd you like my vintage-esque outfit, dears? :)

Photos by RG

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  1. Love the sandals Gem! :)

    You're very beautiful when you smile. :D

    Ericka of


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