Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Offlimits: We Dance By Heart

How are my dear readers? I hope you all are doing great!! Anyway, I just want to share something with you guys. As what you have read on my About Me section, I do love to dance... especially with my dancing sisters, Offlimits. It's my group since highschool. Together, we bagged countless titles and trophies. Our most unforgettable experience was the AMA Dance Competition which was held at the Big Dome. We did qualify for the finals (not to mention, we are the first ever all-female group who made it!), but we weren't able to bring home the bacon. Nevertheless, that moment alone was mesmerizing.

AMA Dance Competition routine

I thought that contest would be our last since it was already our graduating year in HS that time. Many changes existed as we entered college--class schedules, workloads, priorities, and so on (name it!). And here, Unisilver Dance Crew Competition 2012, came to the scene. What a perfect opportunity! We didn't let this slip away--we grabbed it! The deadline for voting is only until September 30 and we really want to secure a slot. We need to be there!! So please help us by doing the following:

1. Like Unisilver Time.
2. Vote us here by liking! :)

I am actually running a giveaway on this! You can join here!! And win free stuff from ZARA, Aldo, and Girls! :) The giveaway is just until September 29, so make sure to join now!! Please, help us!!!!!

Meanwhile, feel free to watch this Call Me Maybe video and meet my group, Offlimits!! Enjoy! :)


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  2. Nice post! You guys are so talented... Keep it up!
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