Monday, September 10, 2012

Stop Pretending And Start Living

H&M statement shirt | Style Hub shorts (via ZALORA) | Topshop boho bag | Suede boots (Tin Iglesias)

Have you ever asked yourself... am I living? Or am I just pretending? As we all know, life is beyond priceless. You only live once... well, we all do. So, why not just be yourself? Why pretend? Life is not about pleasing everyone--make a difference. It's not about fitting in... but standing out. Life is just too short, too short. As much as possible, live a day as if it's your last because every second is worth-living.

I know, I, too, can sense "drama vibes" as I am writing this post. Maybe, this has got to do with my condition. Hmm, that's what I think. I am sorry for being too serious (okay, dramatic it is! lol). Just kidding! Of course, I don't want to end this post in this manner (where I am being too emotional or something). Time to shift! Hahaha! Yes, let go on to the look! :)

This was my outfit (sans the shorts and boots, for I was in pants and comfy flats) last Saturday where I had an appointment with my doctor. After the checkup, I went with my aunts to the mall (yes, changed into shorts and boots!). At first, I thought that the shirt and the shorts won't go well together. But, boom! they surprisingly complemented each other. I love the geometric design of my shorts. It makes me think of Balenciaga!! Donned my lovely boho bag and edgy boots... and I was all set! :) (Sorry for being barefaced!)

Photos by RG

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  1. It's so true what you're talking about. I'm exactly your opinion. You only live once so don't care about other opinions but just do what you love and what's your passion.

  2. Love your blog I'm your new follower! yay!

    1. Oh wow! Thank you for appreciating! :">

  3. I love your shirt, and the saying on it. (:

    I'd love if you checked out my blog or even maybe followed!
    Have a great day. (:

  4. Coolest tee ever!!! love your shoes too!!! xxx

  5. Love the shirt!! Wanna follow each other?

  6. love the look of the boots with the fringed bag! :)


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