Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Random Affinities

How are my wonderful readers? I hope your 2013 is turning out to be great!! Mine's uhmmm, well nevermind! lol Anyway, I have this penchant for anything cutesy and interesting! I snap away the shutter button like there's no tomorrow whenever I find one.

With this, allow me to show some photographs that caught my attention and made my heart sing:

Isn't this life-sized crèche the cutest of all?! This was in UST and I think it's still there. The moment I saw this I can't help but utter "awwwwwwwww!". That time, I wasn't able to bring my camera (haven't given him a name just yet! lol) with me. And so, I carefully (okay, exagg) planned what day and time shall I have a picture or two (or even more!) taken with it. My photographer was my bestfriend. I somewhat forced her to do it for me. Hahaha! I had a number of photos with the nativity scene but I just chose this candid one!! I just hope I didn't look weird or crazy though! :)

I have always been a Kimmidoll lover ever since it was introduced to me. I already had two keychains and two purses with me!! This time around, my aunt gave me this super adorable Kimmidoll Junior "Chu Chu"! Yes, Junior because it's smaller. I still haven't used this since it's too cute!!! I hope I would have the courage of attaching this to my bag's or wallet's zipper soon enough. :)

Don't forget to say "Hi!" to Aurianne (the teddy bear) and Glitter (the poodle)!! :)

The Starbucks planner occupies a very special part in my being (not to mention, its coffees too). Call me dramatic or emotional but I am not kidding. It is that important to me. Well, at last, I got the Starbucks 2013 planner with a Parker ballpen! I didn't get this from collecting the stickers though. I would be needing 9 stickers more until I would be given such planner. Last time, I was opting of indulging myself into drinking coffees come December. But unfortunately, I had a dental surgery late December and I was prohibited to drink using a straw. Because of the surgery, the limited time and the amount of money I will be shelling out if I will continue collecting, I just decided to buy from someone. It was hassle-free, for me at least. My only problem now is I don't know how will I write on it--if I should doodle or whatsoever. Yes, it is a problem. Hahaha! :)

P.S. Thank you for allotting time to read this post!! Please do come back tomorrow for my outfit post, okay? :) See you again, dears!!

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