Sunday, February 10, 2013

From The Greatest Distance

H&M dress | Topshop vest and bangle | Romwe belt | Oasis bag | Aldo floral ring |
Forever 21 socks | Soule Phenomenon boots

Fashion has occupied a gargantuan part of me. It permitted me to make a turn and reflect. It changed my utmost goal and direction. It reconstructed my being. But there are moments wherein the spark between fashion and I had gone dimmer. Week after week, I am struggling as to what I'll be wearing... just like how I live day after day. Maybe, for other people, this is not a big deal or whatever. But for me, it is. I just can't take how I become uninspired as the clock keeps on ticking. I think everyone who is into fashion would undergo such "stage" (if there really is). Well, basically, fashion is a mirror of my life. And hopefully, everything will turn back into place.

Photos by RG


  1. Feel the same way as well! But thanks to the power of internet nowadays "we" can get inspiration easily from fashion sites and bloggers! btw love the whole look! :)

  2. Love this look!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Awwwwwww!! Thank you so much, Violet!!! <3 This made my day!!!!

  4. Love this look as well! ;)


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