Sunday, March 24, 2013

Out Of Sight But Never Out Of Mind

Trunkshow crop top | ZARA skirt | H&M creepers | Warehouse necklace | Topman tunnel earring | Sheinside gold studs | DKNY watch

Barbie dolls had always been my buddies in my childhood years. Admittedly, I love dressing them up (this explains my undeniable love for fashion) and talking to them just like any other girl. lol Oh, how I wish I could go back to that time where my world revolved around blissful and fun moments. But well, that's not how life works. Sadness needs to exist for us to interpret happiness after all. Going back, why had I even mentioned Barbie? Do examine my outfit. The pink and black combination reminded me of her... in the androgynous way, though. I did not notice it until I scanned these photographs. Haha! This look was just an easy breezy ensemble a.k.a. the lazy outfit. And I certainly am digging it!! :)

Photos by RG


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