Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Upon The Edge Of My Poisoned Lip

ZARA shirt and pants | Mango belt | Love Chic bracelets | H&M creepers

Grunge, spikes, and everything rad. (See what I just did there?! lol) There will always be a massive part allotted for things that outcry such words. I am distinctly attached to them. I don't know. Maybe, it is because they had helped me be "me"--the very person I am now. "Stronger"? I don't think that's the suitable word. "Better"? No, it's too subjective (and it is too mainstream haha). As far as I know, I had become someone who widely opens up her eyes and greatly believes in the impossible. I always tell myself: "Everything will be okay because there is still tomorrow." :)

Anyway, this is an all-out badass look and I am truly loving this!! The shirt, at first glance, may be your-typical-t-shirt... but when you closely look at it, studs undeniably welcome you. I strategically came matchy-matchy with the camo pants and the creepers because minimalism is also one of my favourite styles. As they say, "the simpler, the better". And I just have to add... this pair of creepers is totally the coolest!! Look at the sole! I do find such worth-keeping. The belt and the bracelets incredibly punched additional toughness into the outfit which you know I definitely adore. :)

Photos by RG

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