Saturday, June 22, 2013

Standing Still Of Wonder

H&M dress | Topman denim polo (borrowed from brother) | Topshop bowler hat, sunglasses, necklace and boots | Red Herring bag | DKNY watch

Tattoos. I had been dreaming of having such... since forever. Some may raise their eyebrows, but really it is the truth. Most people have this "negative notion" on someone having a permanent ink embedded on his skin. Anyone is entitled to have his opinion, really. But judging a person based on the outside is a way different story. Okay, so I mentioned the word "tattoo"--"henna", that is. This was my very first time to experience having a henna tat done! And I believe this was in Tagaytay. Obviously, I went for a rosary on the back of my hand. Boy oh boy was it so beautiful!! I always found myself so drawn into it. But it was already gone and up to this point of time, I am having separation anxiety with it.

So, anyway, my look was definitely a summer-inspired one. So summer-y that I can feel the ocean! I think it is because of the colors and the prints. How powerful. I just added some gothic elements to make the whole outfit more appealing and more "me". :)

Photos by RG

P.S. So sorry for being inactive these past days! School had been stressing me out so much. :( But, I will make it up to you, dears! I really will. :)


You are a ray of sunshine, dear reader! Thank you for the love! xx