Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bloom Like A Flower

Demure effect
Playing with my dress

Aldo Flower Bracelet
Promod Floral Dress
Bayo Brogues

This was my outfit awhile ago. I build my outfit around my cutesy floral dress! What do you think of it? Hihi. We celebrated our First Anniversary kanina. We should've celebrated it yesterday but there were problems going with his fam so we didn't had a looooooooooooong time together yesterday.

This day was somehow a great day naman though we had "misunderstandings" again before saying goodbye. Hahahaha. But we resolved it immediately so we're okay already! Yay! We got to watch Praybeyt Benjamin. We laughed and laughed and laughed while watching it! Solve! :) After watching, we headed to Tokyo-Tokyo for our lunch. We ate tempura and karage with unlimited rice (hungry kiddo)!  Why no pictures? Because I can't take my cravings for food already! I was so hungry that I wasn't able to take pictures of the food and pictures of us together as well. Poor me. :( After Tokyo-Tokyo, we had some ice cream in Dairy Queen. I ate Rocky Road Blizzard and he ate Dilly Bar. We were soooooooooo full. Super full!

Our celebration may not be that grande but we see to it that we are having fun! I love how simple we are. :) Being with him is the best-est gift for me. :">

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