Saturday, November 12, 2011

Anywhere With You

Arch of the Centuries

Last night, I headed to University of Santo Tomas to watch the Concert of different bands including some of the Pilipinas Got Talent Finalists and to have a date with Aaron. Hihi. Surprisingly, the campus wasn't that crowded. Well maybe, a lot of students needed to rest already after the first week of second sem.

We had munched Burger Mcdo and French Fries and sipped a large Coke while watching the concert from afar. Honestly, we didn't find the concert that awesome so we decided to go somewhere else where we could relax and have an exchange of stories. He didn't actually tell me at first where we'll go. He wanted to surprise me that day in exchange of the cutie patootie card I gave him. So, I just followed him until we got in Starbucks (Isn't it sweet?). I really can't handle his sweetness that very moment.

We ordered Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha (for me!) and Peppermint Mocha (for him!). I love my drink! The ingredients really go well together. I also got to taste his' and it tasted good too but I am not of a "peppermint fan". Hindi ko siya trip! Hahaha. Will order Toffee Nut Latte next time (gonna get the 2012 planner!). I really love the ambiance of Starbucks... very relaxing. Sarap matulog!

After a relaxing moment in SB, we had sharksfin (with chili) with rice. I love the siomai! Superb. You must try it! Check out the siomai at Dapitan (near SB)! Did you know, naabutan kami ng ulan while eating?! How cool is that, huh? Ohh, rain you ruined my outfit especially my brogues!

P.S. Up next, my outfit photos! :) How did your Friday turn out?

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