Monday, November 14, 2011


Zara Top | Jellybean Tutu Skirt | Girl Shoppe Paris Necklace | Aldo Colorful Stacked Necklaces

I am not an expert fashion blogger (or whatever you call it). I am just as ordinary as you are... reaching out the stars in the sky and doing a move to aim them. Maybe, at this moment you're wondering what's the "drama" all about. I am just overwhelmed of the comments/reactions I am receiving from you, my lovely readers. I am always stunned whenever I get comments (seriously!). And not just comments, but positive comments about my outfit for the day and my blog! You don't know how you make me feel happy everyday. It's like I am literally floating in the air!

Yes, this is a thank you post for you guys. Thank you for making a little time to read my humble blog. I am very grateful! Very much grateful! I hope I get to make you smile for making this post. :)

Guys, I will see to it that I update posts from time to time and make them improve more. I hope you all will be with me throughout! <3

Thank you is not enough to express how I really feel!

P.S. Watch out for my next blog posts!!! :)

I love you, dearest readers!



  1. Lovely top:)


  2. I love that tutu skirt!

    Jamie Kate

  3. @Jamie: I love it too! Thank you! <3


You are a ray of sunshine, dear reader! Thank you for the love! xx