Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's In The Mail?

Nyx Round Lipstick

Guess what shade? :)

Power Shade!

Just got this lately. After receiving this, I can't wait to open and try it on my lips!!! I have been eyeing this for months now. And I am so happy having this bought. I got this from GWY Shop for only 120php (plus the shipping fee). It is much cheaper here compare to other beauty shops! Great steal, eh? In addition to that, we had a smooth transaction! Of course, thank you to Multiply for making shopping easier! I am thinking of buying Nyx Lipsticks again from GWY Shop. Well, I'll be thinking on that. ;)

Readers, what do you think? How did your rainy Tuesday turn out?


  1. i loooove the color :) i might as well get one :DD thanks gemnikka :)) and hey youre a nursing student :D me too !

    lalalalove <3

  2. @roxy: Hello! Yes, I do love the color too! :"> You can call me Gem nalang. :) Yup but I am shifting na. Hihi. Thank you!

  3. i love that shade! definitely gonna check that site now! ;] i bought mine at 160each .waaaa

  4. @THE NOMADIC FASHIONISTA: Me too! <3 Go check now! :) Their stocks are running out so fast! :)

  5. awesome shade!i just ordered 3 from my friend.haha

  6. @mestizay: Yes, it is! That's great! ;)


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