Saturday, November 5, 2011

Never Got This Starstruck

I had the Supersale Bazaar experience kanina, November 5. I was with Aaron. The bazaar was located at World Trade Center (far far away from my home). Though the long distance from my home, I still push through going there since I really want to experience (for the very first time) a bazaar. Over 300 brands were participating there, so sulit ang punta!

Here are my outfit posts:

F-Stop Maong Polo

This polo is one of my favorites! I am not regretting buying this from F-Stop! I had this tied up to create a "hugging effect" on my body. The polo is somewhat loose actually.

The Second Shop Red HWS

My first ever HWS! Thanks to The Second Shop for making my wish come true of having such! I love how it goes with ze polo! Rugged but chic!

Brown Bag (Gift from my tita)

 This bag was a birthday gift for me by my tita. No brand but I still love it to bits! It has a detachable strap and goes with a wallet similar to its design. Hihi. Fab, right?

Aldo Rings

I really love flower rings! Did I tell you that I have four flower rings? I have red (in the photo), white, black, and off-white! Hahaha!

The North Face Closed Shoes

These shoes are the most abused (I tell you)! I really can't get enough with the comfort I get from these. Hihi. I wanted to wear tower-heeled shoes but I don't want to give burden to my feet while I move around and around the bazaar.

My other intentions going to this bazaar? Here they are!

With Laureen Uy
With her sense of style, who wouldn't love to see and have a picture with Laureen Uy? I really adore her! She's so beautiful and approachable! I always read her blog posts!

With Lissa Kahayon!

She is really so nice and very pretty! I love her blog too especially her outfit posts!

Indeed, I had enjoyed and got to buy great items but I missed someone I really really look up to. And that is Camille Co. She's really on the top of my must-have-a-picture-with list! But sadly, she was not there that time. I was not allowed to go home later than 3 PM so how could I wait for her. Huhuhu. And to tell you, naubusan na ako ng damit niya sa shop niya like her items got sold agad-agad (should've gone yesterday)! Anyway, I got to take home something from her closet naman so I am beyond happy naman na!

P.S. Watch out for my next post about the great finds I got from Laureen and Camille!!!

Did you also go to this Supersale Bazaar? Share it! :) Actually, I want to go again tomorrow just to have a picture from Camille Co and to shop shop shop once again!!! :)))))



  1. OMG! The bazzar's until when? I'm headin to Manila on monday pa eh.My friends were already there huhu. and hey you're so lucky to have a photo with divine lee i love her! It'll be lovely if we could follow each other! I am following you now :)

    Remember to follow through Google Friend Connect! :)) thanks!

  2. nice top :) Camille Co is really pretty

  3. @Lovely B. It's only until today! Awww! I wasn't with Divine Lee sis hihi. Sure, I'll check your blog! ;)

    @Nadine: Thank youuu! And I am really sad not having to see her and have a picture!

  4. i hope i was there too. love bazaars so much.pretty pictures

  5. @mathea: Awwww. There's always a next time, dear! <3 Thank you!


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