Sunday, November 6, 2011


Things I got from yesterday's Supersale Bazaar!
 Here are the great finds I got from Laureen Uy and Camille Co! :)

Suede Purple HW Skirt
This suede HW skirt is a fab find from Laureen Uy's closet! I really love its texture! Winner! And know what? I immediately wore this today! Will post my outfit posts later today.

Orange Cardigan
This cardigan from Laureen's Closet is another great find! I really love the print and the texture! I love knitted-wear! Will wear this some other time. Hihi.

Statement Ring

This cutesy ring is from Camille Co's Closet! I really love its design so vibrant!!! :"> I got to wear this awhile ago too!

These were the fashion finds I bought yesterday! I should've bought Camille's clothes but nothing was left yesterday. :( And I am so sad I wasn't able to come today which is the last day of the Supersale Bazaar since Camille had replenished her clothes with such pretty ones!!! Huhuhu. And I really want to have a picture with her. I am dying to have actually! Well, anyhow, I love these great items I bought and will take care of them!

Thank you again Laureen and Lissa for the pictures! :"> Camille, I must have a picture with you next time! :)

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