Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Simple Yet Classy

Zara Top | Debenhams Scarf | The Ukay Pink Trousers

Red Herring Wedges

Nica Bag
To start with, I am deeply sorry for not updating for the last two days. I have been busy with my family and Aaron. Forgive me! So this was my outfit last Sunday. I wore this to the church and to SM Fairview. Actually, I was really confused what to wear that very day (as in!). Hahaha! No wonder why I was the last one to get in the car.

Everything started with the graphic top from Zara. Isn't it dramatic? Hihi. I put on my pink trousers to add some girly vibes on my look and I didn't fold it to achieve the trendy-wide-legged style. I hit my wedges to make a longer-legs-illusion. To spice up the outfit more, I grabbed and put on the quirky scarf. That scarf was my only accessory. I wanted to keep my look simple yet classy as possible (that's why!). As for the bag, I chose a neutral color so it won't be overwhelming the whole look. What do you think, dears? :)

P.S. Did you already watch Breaking Dawn Part 1? As for me, it is great. I am beyond speechless with its effects!!! :) Watched it in 2D. Hihi.


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