Sunday, November 20, 2011

Someone Like You

I really had enjoyed the date with Aaron yesterday. We didn't waste every second of it. Alam mo yung feeling na parang ang tagal niyong hindi nagkita? That was exactly what I was feeling. No words could clearly explain how happy I am.

Now, on to my outfit:

Mango Floral Polo | White Sleeveless Top | Zara Shorts

Aldo Bag

Warehouse Necklace

Bershka Sandals
 I decided to be in a laid-back-yet-chic style. I was actually be wearing wedges but I changed my mind and opted to wear these stylish sandals from Bershka. Did you notice that this Warehouse necklace is just my accessory? Haha! Well, I aimed to be simple as possible (that's why!).

Java Chip | S'mores | Caramel
We ate at Starbucks again. SB addicts, eh? (SB Planner, we're gonna get you!!!) Hahaha! Mine's the Java Chip (as always!) and the Caramel for him. Annnnnd we ordered S'mores! Hihi. Loved it! The eating session doesn't end here actually.

My Java Chip | Texas Chicken BBQ Wrap
Hungry kiddos! You betcha! ;) Well, this is just a libre from him. It's a thanksgiving gift to me for doing his homework (spoiled boyfriend) and para daw may kainin ako pag umalis na sya (he got class at 2 PM). I am so touched when he bought this for me. Hihi. Kilig ako, teh! I can feel my hair!!! Hahahahaha! This Texas Chicken BBQ Wrap is the best! I mean, I love how the ingredients collide. Very tasty. Okay, I'll shut my mouth now. Sorry for making you guys hungry! Hihi. Forgive me! :)

Someone Like You By Sarah Dessen

Read this book while waiting for him at SB. I wasn't able to finish it yet though. I think I was not really in the mood reading such yesterday! I don't know why. :(

So I will end my post here! How was your weekend, dears? :)

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  1. I like your polo shirt. It's light weight and floral printed! :D Nakakagutom naman yung smores. Heehee

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