Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Through all struggles, stand tall.

It's Up To G Nude Blazer | White Sleeveless Top | Mango Belt | Banana Republic Flared Pants

Oasis Pearl Bracelet | Aldo Rings

Red Herring Wedges

This is one of my favorite get-ups! So simple yet elegant. Agree? :) Well, I didn't put tons of accessories since I want to go simple. I love the whole outfit especially the blazer! It really is a must-have! It unleashes that "fab" side in you. And to add up, I am actually re-selling (bought from Vintage Diaries) this blazer in my shop, It's Up To G (Facebook or Multiply). I wore long flared pants paired up with wedges to make me look tall. I always want to be tall, but unfortunately I am not blessed to have such legs. Anyhow, I still do love my body and contented of what God has given.

So, what's up with you guys? What do you think of my outfit? :)



  1. Looove the blazer.

  2. hi! i love your wedges. i am checking you It's Up To G Now. I am so amaze how an 18 year old can do business like that. keep it up

    on the other hand, you might wanna win a pink satchel. join my giveaway

  3. @Dane: Thank you! :)
    @I'm Apple: Thank you too! :"> Will do join! ;)


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