Monday, December 19, 2011

The Breeze

Red Herring Coat | Red Herring Dress

Aldo Bib Necklace | Bershka Bandeau Inner Top

Goody Spin Pin

Aldo Accessories

Hang Ten Yellow Socks | Bass Shoes

Photo credits to my dad

Hello, dearest readers! I sincerely apologize for not being able to update my blog. Series of hindrances took place. One was during UST Paskuhan 2011 which was held last December 16. I was very confident enough bringing my camera with me but to my surprise, I left the battery at home. I was pissed off with myself that very day. I can't imagine leaving UST with no pictures!! :( I was actually giddy enough to share with you my outfit too (sigh!). And the other one was yesterday. If you are my Twitter follower (if you're not, kindly follow me: @icraveforbliss), you know that I promised to do a new blog post last night but I wasn't able to fulfill that promise. I was not feeling well last night.

What happened was I ,together with my brother and dad, went to church to attend the Simbang Gabi at 8 PM. The church was packed. There were no vacant seats, so we just stood there. During the homily, I became dizzy. Then, I can't barely see. Nagdilim na paningin ko. What I was seeing were pixelated already. I felt hungry that time too. Afterwards, I was perspiring pero malamig ang pawis ko. That was the time when I felt I will collapse in no time. So when I told what I was feeling to my dad, he said we will just finish the homily. I think what made me feel that way were hunger and lack of sleep. I think my blood count gone low also. I need to sleep early, eat healthier foods, and exercise more often.

Now on to the outfit: Everything started with the cute dress from Red Herring. I wore it with a paisley bandeau top from Bershka since I am pretty conservative. Hahaha! I got to wear a coat because I don't want to show more skin and the weather is too cold. I can literally feel the Christmas breeze, don't you? I kept my accessories in a low number and made sure that they blend with my look. I took these shoes from Bass for a walk. I love their details to bits!! Extraordinary. To make my entire look childish, I wore these cutie patootie socks from Hang Ten! Wait, don't you just love how pretty my hairdo is? Thanks to (drum roll please!) Goody Spin Pin! <3

I bought this for myself as an early Christmas gift! I was lusting over this for so many days now. I really want to try its wonders!! So, last Saturday, I did not waste any moment. The saleslady told me that this was running out and will take time on restocking. Thank God I grabbed the last stock!!! And hey, it maybe pricey but every penny is worth it! Goody is really innovative making everything easy. Thank you, Goody!!! :)

P.S. Sorry for this wordy post, dearest readers! Haha. I missed blogging and my beautiful readers!! I hope you missed me too! Chos!


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  1. Hi gem! Merry Christmas! :)

    Love your ring!:) and also the spin pin!:) its so easy to use and handy right?

    Follow and visit my fashion and style blog with my sisters too:)


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