Wednesday, December 14, 2011

School Girl

Zara Checkered Dress

F&H Bow Tie | Warehouse Silver Necklace

Disney Watch | Jelly Bracelets

How cute can this be? :">

Zara Bag

Roxy Shoes | Cousin's Socks

This was my outfit awhile ago. School girl lang ang peg! Hah! Everything revolved around the watch. It was really cute (yes? yes!) but it became cuter when I found out that the "Mickey Mouse" figures are moving! Those figures serve as the second hand of the watch. How I wish you could see for yourself how it works! Cutie patootie (I tell you!). The cuteness of the watch was really viral. As you can see, my whole outfit was filled with cuteness just like the watch itself. (Okay, sorry for saying "cute/cutie/cuteness" again and again! Sorry for being redundant! Hahaha! Can't help it!). I love how the bow tie complements my dress as well as the socks! The jelly bracelets are striking too and so is the necklace. I chose the denim bag to not overwhelm the entire look. Didn't take my heels for a walk since I don't feel like wearing them lately. So, I decided to why not wear these lovely shoes from Roxy.

Today was a day of firsts! And I love it!! First to deliver via Xend and first to style a friend. Cool, eh? I love the experience, really. How I wish more opportunities would come in the near future! Well, who knows? After the delivery and the styling session, I headed immediately to SM Fairview to meet-up with Aaron. We had quite a little time together awhile ago but we didn't waste any second of it. We chatted while we were strolling around the mall. Afterwards, we ate at Tokyo Tokyo. He then treated me for an ice cream and chicken isaw (my fave!). And he walked me home. Sweet, isn't he?

P.S. Who's going to UST Paskuhan? See you there on the 16th then!! Let's have a picture if you happen to see me. :)


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