Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Orange

Laureen Uy's Cardigan | Aldo Stacked Necklaces | Edc Satin Shorts (Gift) | Mom's Gray Stockings

Laureen Uy's Stacked Rings |Aldo Black Ring

Sling Bag (Gift)

Dorothy Perkins Sandals

Can you feel the Christmas spirit looking through those lights? I sure do! So this was my outfit yesterday. I sported this cardigan from Laureen Uy's closet. Love its design to bits! I so love knitwear (fact!). You know what to give me this Christmas! Hahaha! :) At last, I finally wore these satin shorts (a gift from mom). It is slightly big for my waist (that's why). Underneath, I put on these gray stockings. I really hate when my legs and feet get wet. Really. I finished my look with these sandals! Stunner!

I had a dentist appointment yesterday. They adjusted my braces again (I am suffering from aches again!!). I headed to TriNoma after. I just strolled and strolled and strolled around. Looked for Christmas gifts for others and of course, for myself. I got so tired roaming all over the mall and waiting for Aaron so I opted for a cold drink. If you are following me on Twitter, you know how I really do crave for milk teas! Gladly, I bought a milk tea from Happy Lemon (noticed my blog post title? Hah! I replaced "Lemon" with "Orange" because I am in color orange! Okay, I am so corny!! Hehehe!). Tried Roasted Milk Tea with Pearl Sago! :) Wuhoo, crave completed! I love their sago. Sarap! And of course, the milk tea!!

When Aaron arrived, we had some roaming around for a couple of minutes. Then ate at Burger King  (hungry kiddos over here!). He then bought a Java Chip in venti for me at Starbucks. Aww, how sweet!! <3

P.S. How was your Saturday, guys? Oh, and I am asking all of you to pray for me for tomorrow's job interview!! :) And one more thing, please help me win in the Kotex PH.

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P.P.S. I am currently in need of 500 plus likes so please help me win this!! I am desperate to win. :D Hoping for your support and likes! :) Thank you, dearest readers!


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