Friday, December 23, 2011

Just In Time

Hello, dearest readers! Here I am again. Hihi. I am happy that I manage to update my humble blog every now and then. Achievement! Remember what I told you here? Yesterday, my grandma told me that the mail man delivered a "notice" (right after I left) that says I can claim my package already at the Novaliches Post Office. And that is really good news! I will not go to Quezon City Post Office (which is known to be dangerous) anymore. Now, I can breathe.

So, this morning, I went to Novaliches Post Office with my grandfather. I am actually nervous on how much they will charge me (customs fee). Good thing it's just 40php!

Now, may I present to you the (drum roll please!) Romwe package! I actually won this from Kisty's giveaway - $80 Shopping Spree from Romwe. Sweet, eh? Okay, I know you are all giddy to find out what's inside so...

Tada! Expect my upcoming outfit posts wearing these fashoywn clothes!! I am beyond excited to wear all of these. Who doesn't, anyway? Hahaha! Thank you Kisty and Romwe for this unforgettable opportunity! This is indeed just in time for Christmas. <3

P.S. How are you doing, dearest readers? Can you feel the Christmas spirit? :)

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