Thursday, December 22, 2011


Zara Oversized Shirt | Butterfly DIY Shorts | Sling Bag (Gift) | Goody Spin Pin

Binkydoodles Ice Cream Necklace | Fossil Watch

Rebel Gear Wooden Bangle | Camille Co's Ring

Cousin's Socks | H! Floral Shoes

Lately, Aaron and I finally met again! I repeat, finally. We didn't get to see each other for so many days now. This was such a great relief! Well, we had a "little adventure" awhile ago. Lots and lots and lots of "walkathon" (I tell you.)! Hahahaha! We first went to Lawton Post Office. The Fx driver was like a Safeway bus driver. Super bilis! Hahahaha. My head seriously ached the whole time! Before heading to the Post Office, we ate at McDonalds. Oh, how we miss the Chicken Fillet!! At the Post Office, we were instructed (by the accommodating guards) that the Romwe package is at the Quezon City Post Office. Great. But we didn't go there (at Q.C. Post Office) since the place is pretty dangerous. It is a squatters' area so going there is a no-no for us. Maybe, I'll get the package with my dad and grandfather (hopefully by tomorrow!). Since the first plan was unsuccessful, we tried fulfilling the second plan for this day - to get the Unscripted Book at Eastwood. But hey, hindi rin namin na-fulfill 'yun (sigh!) due to lack of taxis and heavy traffic. To still enjoy the day, we just went to Gateway. We had a Taco Bell galore! Yay!!

Now, may I explain the outfit I wore. Aren't the colors so pretty? I love playing with colors! Hihi. This was what I opted to wear to the date. I bet you immediately notice the shirt! So cute, right? Hihi! I love its design!! The shorts here were actually pants before. I just did a DIY to spice it up! I kept my accessories matchy-matchy with my clothes. I used a bag that is in neutral color to balance everything. I love the shade of my socks and so is the design of my shoes! Glam!

P.S. How was your day, dearest readers? Are you finish with your Christmas shopping list? Me, not yet! :(


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