Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sea Of Neutrals

Romwe Apricot Jumper | Romwe Ginger Pleated Skirt

Bench Body Bandeau Inner Top | Aldo Necklace

Zara Chain Bag

Bayo Brogues

Sorry for loading you with too many photos! I just can't help but put them all (not actually "all") here. Thanks to my awesome photographer (hi, Aaron)! Hahaha! They're so pretty not to show you. Hihi. Agree? :) Well, what can I say! I just love how effortlessly chic this look is. I went for neutrals lately for a change. I am now investing for neutral clothes because I lack such. Hahahahahaha! I am more of an edgy type than the girly type (that's why!). Notice my recent buys from Romwe - all in neutral shades.

Aaron and I had a lunch date awhile ago at SM Fairview. We ate at Tokyo-Tokyo and ordered the Sumo Remix shiz (as usual!). Samahan mo pa ng Unli Rice! Haha! I am a food lover!! Who wouldn't, anyway? Hahahahaha! Eating is actually one of my favorite hobbies! Anyway, we headed to SM Department Store to show him that love-at-first-sight dress from Red Head! And do you know, he actually bought it as a "pre-gift" for me! Hahahaha! Sweet. Will show you the dress that I am raving about some other time. I like telling things in a "suspense" manner. In short, pabitin ako! Hahahaha. And I was really surprised that his mother gave me a Christmas gift too - a cute wallet from Thailand! Bongga! Thank you, tita! This day was cut short but we still had great time together. We really valued the time - every second of it.

P.S. Dear readers, what do you think of this post? Hee. I hope you are having a great time today! Spend your every day wisely! ;)



  1. I love the whole outfit.. Very relaxed and chic :)

    Yeeyy for girls with braces! Kisses! xxx

  2. @Mara: Thank you, Mara!!! :) Oh, you got braces too! <3 <3 <3

  3. Great photos. Here on I have a present for you a Hermes Bracelet Collier de Chien.

  4. I've been looking for/into neutrals lately too. That skirt is fab by the way. :) And yes, eating is a legitimate hobby!

  5. @Jayrin: Thank you! <3 Hahaha! Super! :)

  6. You look really great in neutral colors! And same as you, I'm a food-lover too. haha

    Anyway, I hope you can join my giveaway here I'm giving away a pretty neck piece. :D Thanks and Happy new year :D



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