Sunday, January 29, 2012

Break The Monotony

Mango Floral Polo | Jellybean Tulle Skirt | Just G Bag (Gift) | Qupid Wedges

Warehouse Silver Necklace

Hello, dearest readers! Sorry for not being able to update my blog just what I used to do before. I am deeply sorry! I have been feeling so uninspired. Things really don't go my way this year. Everything's getting harder each day. I always keep on telling myself that everything's gonna be alright... but I think it's not gonna happen. January 2012 is not for me (I guess). I am shocked about every happening! I can't believe how happy things could disappear in just a *poof*. I want to get out of this dream... this nightmare. I just wanna go back time where all is still in place.

Okay, let's go on to the outfit! Hahaha. Since I was feeling down, I opted to wear happy colors! As you can see, I wore an all-blue ensemble. To break the monotony of the outfit, I took these black edgy wedges for a walk.

P.S. Sorry guys for updating my blog just today! I hope you understand, dears!!



  1. Lovely outfit! Loved how you combine the floral top and skirt, so chic!


  2. I love the shoes and your blue skirt!

    followed u on blogger! I hope you'll follow back! :D


You are a ray of sunshine, dear reader! Thank you for the love! xx