Sunday, January 22, 2012


Zara Paisley Top | Laureen Uy's High Waisted Purple Suede Skirt

Oasis Bracelet | Aldo Bangle

Liz Claiborne Bag

Cousin's Socks | Bayo Brogues

Hello, dearest readers! This was my outfit awhile ago. I wanted to dress sassy and girly lately so I pulled off colors like pink and violet. I know you have seen the skirt already and I must say that it is completely okay repeating clothes as long as you dress them differently! Don't be afraid to mix and match, guys! And hey, I love the design of my top - paisley. I wore it the unusual way (it is actually worn off shoulder). I love the overall effect!! I had my accessories in black to balance everything. I don't want to look like a clown because of too much colors.

I was with my family lately. We had attended the mass and went to SM Fairview after. We watched Underworld! I love it! Ang astig lang!! Hahaha! Watch it, watch it, guys!!

P.S. Sorry for not updating my humble blog that often. I hope you understand, guys! Love you all! Hey, don't forget to join my ongoing giveaway!!



  1. I've always wanted a paisley print top! nice combination, love the colors!


  2. totally adore this look. you look cute!


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