Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm Gonna Miss You

Hello, dearest readers! I am finally back. Hah! I am functioning again. Thank you, God!! Nothing will ever happen if I just sit back and relax. I should make a move because I love my dearest readers!! Yes, I super love you, dear reader!

Wrangler DIY Fringe Top | Sicko Jeans | Mango Belt

Guess Bag | Cousin's Socks | Bayo Brogues

Fossil Watch

Aldo Accessories
So, this was my outfit last Saturday. I opted for an edgy look that very day; hence, the outfit. The top was actually a shirt before. Since I found the shirt quite boring to put on, I made some fringes on the sleeves. And hey, I think that was really a good idea! Right? So, guys, don't ever be afraid of risking chances. Move to a greater level and express yourself too!! I added some colors on to the look for a playful vibe, that is, to make it more interesting.

I know you are all wondering what on earth am I going through since all of my tweets are kind of (or totally) depressing. Honestly, there's something going on between us. And it's so hard. Really hard. We're cooling off in the meantime. But, somehow, I am getting better now after all my cries... and that I know that he still do love me so so so much like what I am feeling towards him. It's good that we got to talk about our current status lately. Now, I can somewhat breathe.

So here's our last day "together" as lovers. I know looking at these pictures below makes me kind of sad. I just miss "him" and the "us". I won't elaborate more on what I am feeling. Hehehe. I don't want to get my tears from falling all over again!!

Cute eh? Hihi. Kinikilig pa rin ako!! I know that we can go through these challenges. Maybe, God really wanted this to happen so as to make ourselves the better persons we ought to be. Time will only tell if we are meant to be. And when that moment comes, I would be the happiest person on earth then!! Guys, I just have one more wish before I end this post. Dear readers, please pray for me... and for "us". You know lately, I was planning of stopping this blog since I don't know where will I get inspiration from. But then again, I came to think about you guys... what about my dearest readers who are expecting a lot from me?! So yeah, here I am making a new post. Telling the world that no matter how depressed I am, I'm still here standing with my head held high. I am inspired writing because of your non-stop support, my dears! Please do continue showering your love on my humble blog cause you guys are making me happy everytime you comment on my posts. Thank you guys! I love you, dearest readers!!

I am leaving you guys with a quotation:

"Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle, it's a beautiful reminder of just how strong true love can be." - via Tumblr

 Shout-out to Ana Bacalla! Hahaha! Thank you for this! Visit her blog too!!


  1. Love your brown oxford shoes! So cute! Would love it if you could stop by my blog today and tell me what you think of my latest post! Follow me, I follow you?!


  2. so cute! love it :)


  3. this explain those emotional wishing u well dearie..*good things come to those who waot* =)

    1. Yes. Will just surrender everything to God. I agree!

  4. you're rocking it!!


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