Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Zara Shirt | Butterfly DIY Shorts

Cousin's Socks | Red Herring Heels

Disney Watch

Golden Brown Highlights
I was feeling edgy and punk lately that I had to unleash my inner "rockstar" style. I started with the punk shirt from Zara. I love its design especially the pink touch! I wore these distressed shorts and heels to have the illusion of longer legs. And I am happy that I have achieved it! How I wish I would still grow taller!!

Awhile ago, I was with Aaron again! Hihi. But unfortunately, we went home so early that I felt sad and tampo. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed being with him!

P.S. How are you guys doing? Hope you are all happy and fine! I love you, dear readers!!



  1. cute! love the socks with the sandals! :)

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  2. Great post!

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