Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Selling Reichter Stet With Diagnostic Set And Bag

Hello there, dear readers! How are you today? Well, me, I am fine sitting with my lappy in front. Writing/Typing really is my most favorite past time so far. Before I proceed with my intention posting this very blog post, let me narrate a story to you so you would know me better. Okay? Here it goes...

As you can see on my About Me section, I was a former Nursing student aspiring to be a Cardiologist/Pediatrician of the University of Santo Tomas. Way back then, I really do love Nursing. I feel that it was my calling since I really have interest on the wonders of Science and Medicine. But hey I was completely wrong, I didn't know that I can't handle the stresses of being a Nursing student. More so, come second year, I always had a feeling of giving up the course. But I didn't! I still pushed through those toxic days. Until one time, I was diagnosed of having Dengue. I had my fear of dying at an early age. It was really a painful experience that I felt of surrendering. I think God really made a way... a way to stop all my hardships that He wanted me to pursue what I actually love - Business and Fashion Design. And isn't it... you will be most successful when you have a heart on what you are doing? I definitely agree! God has reasons. Everything happens for a purpose. Now, I am still waiting for available slots on my desired Business course (still in UST!) then pursue Fashion Design at SoFA after. They would release slots on March-April. I wish there are available slots!! If you are following me on Twitter, you might be wondering why I keep on asking who knows part-time job opportunities blah blah blah. I still have a long vacant time (that's why). And I want to spend it productively!! So if any one of you happen to know job opportunities that welcome teens for a part-time job, then message me or comment on this post! Enough of this. It's getting longer already. Hehe! I don't want to bore my readers to death!!

Since I will be shifting to a totally different course, I will be selling my Nursing-related things!! First off is my cutesy Reichter Stet with Diagnostic Set and Bag! Still in excellent condition.

Reichter Stet

You can change the diaphragm and bell of the stet. Cool eh?

The diagnostic set

The bag

For those interested buyers, please do message me at my email address or might as well tweet me @icraveforbliss. Thank you for reading this very long post, dearest readers! You, the best-est!!

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