Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unfinished Business

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Random picture! Aaron's shoes.

Warehouse Earring
One sunny Monday, Aaron and I met up. And took so many shots!!! Hahaha. Sorry for overloading you with too many pictures. I find them funny yet interesting (I think)! Noticed the color of my braces! I had my dentist appointment and had my braces adjusted. I love the blue green color and it is actually my favorite color!! After the appointment, we strolled around TriNoma. We had window shopping and I fell in love with so many sale pieces but I am still broke. Hahahaha! You know I am thinking why not create my own garments to save more. I just need to find textiles and befriend my grandma's sewing machine and voila! I'll let you know if ever I will start making my own pieces and who knows, I might sell some or even more made by yours truly!

Let us proceed now with what I wore. I pulled off an "unfinished" outfit. Unfinished because I just put on whatever I see that would turn out good! In short, I didn't think deeply on what will I wear that day. Sometimes, I really dress lazy especially when I want to just roam around a mall or a park.

And now, let us head to the highlights of this very day! The I-want-to-have-whip-my-hair-back-and-forth shots!! Feel free to laugh your heart out!! Danger ahead! Too many photos!!! :)


Pwede na?

Baka matanggal ulo ko nito!


Gangster baby!
Hahahahaha! I won't explain the pictures further since this would just lead me to laughing and laughing and won't be able to finish this blog. Hahahahahahahaha! Let's end this post with a loud loud loud laugh, okay? I love you, my dearest and most precious readers!



  1. I love those denim on you and I'm a very big fan of Van too. :D

    Anyway, I'm having a big giveaway on my blog too. Do check it out if you have time. Thanks :D

    Peaches on Top Giveaway:

  2. KAW NA INLOVE :)) KAW NA MASAYA :)) I'm happy for both of you :))

  3. @biang: Oh, thank you! :)

    @VanessaJTL: Hahaha! Thank you Issa! <3


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