Sunday, February 19, 2012

Don't You Leave Me Brokenhearted Tonight

Wrangler DIY Fringe Top | Zara Wool Skirt | Zara Chain Bag

Aldo Accessories

Disney Watch

Cousin's Socks | Bass Vintage Shoes

Hello to all my sweetest readers! Can I get a "yay!" for this post?! I was really worrying how to capture my outfit lately since my cam already gave up on me (really need to replace my cam!). Thank you to my cellphone's cam! You just saved my troubled soul. Hah! Its resolution is not bad at all. And as you can see, I did play around my pictures with vintage and retro effects. I am so loving pixlr-o-matic now! Great editor! I guess I'll be editing there a lot often... so expect my upcoming photos to be vintage-y.

May I now proceed to what I wore? Well, everything started with that very cute wool skirt from Zara. I love its color! And hey I just found out that I am beginning to be addicted to skirts. Yes, skirts. I was really happy when my uncle bought this for me yesterday. Such a surprise! He knows me really well. Hihi. I paired the skirt with an edgy fringe top (which I had its sleeves DIY-ed). Then, did my socks-in-shoes combo. I seriously need more statement closed shoes in my rack (up on my list!).

This, by far, is my favorite look!! I just love everything here from head to toe. It simply voices out my style - chic yet edgy. Yup, I think that really is my style. And I guess it suits me... my personality. I will be ending this post now, dears! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and seeing my latest look!



  1. Cute necklace and cool effects =)


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