Friday, February 24, 2012

I Want To Go Back To Those Days

SM Department Store Pink Polo | Topshop Pants | Red Herring Floral Belt

Aldo Bag | Bass Shoes

Aldo Ring | Warehouse Necklace
Yesterday, I had the chance to become one of the judges of my alma mater, Sacred Heart Academy, for the Song, Dance, and Band Fests. It was really such an honor to be a guest judge. And that is the reason why I dressed up like this. I want to look presentable in front of everyone. I love my pink polo! I can actually feel the summer vibes already!! Hello, brights and neons now! I had it paired with black, brown, and silver tones. To make my outfit more fun, I used this teal bag! And voila! Do I look like a judge now? :)

After the program, I went with my friends, SPG, and had a tambay mode at my place. My good friend, Meldz, treated us lunch and merienda. Solve!

Oh, foods!

Meldz, Chel, Jio, and Zes 

And now, it's my turn!

Stalker mode on!

Ice cream time, now!

This was such an epic day! We watched Despicable Me. And hey we did some stalking through internet. Hahahahahaha! Then, we had more and more kulitan moments that made us laugh hard... even harder! I was also able to style Meldz yesterday for her Asian Studies Ball later (Go, Meldz!). Afterwards, we had walkathon from my place to isaw place. We were bankrupted then and there! Well, you can't blame us! Tri Mo's chicken isaw is the best-est!!! Till the next tambay mode, guys! I love you all!

P.S. How are my dearest readers? :)


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