Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life With True Friends

Caution: Danger ahead! Overflowing photos!!

Hi dears! This is actually a backlog post. Sorry late! I have been waiting for my friend, Thonie, for the other pictures. Blame her! I kid (hi, Thonie)!

Meet Issa, Dona, Zia, Thonie, and moi!

This is a stolen shot and I find this cute!!

Yours truly, Amy, Issa, Zia, Benson, Dona, Chel, and Thonie

The sweetest photo!

Meet my fourth year HS adviser, Mommy Chai! Hi, ma'am! I miss and love you!!

My SPG peeps (not complete)!

Cause we're fierce like that!

Eksaherada ang aking unkaboggable orange lippies!

This was last February 25 wherein SHAN's Concert and Aly's birthday took place. The photos above were taken during the concert. Sitti was actually the guest artist that day. It was such a feeling of relief seeing and bonding with your long-time-no-see-and-no-bond HS friends! They are really good treasures that should be kept forever. I miss being a high school student! I miss those days. Really do.

After the concert at SHAN, of course the fun didn't stop there! I had bonded with my SPG peeps (Chel, Zes, Lhey - still not complete), Ivan (my bes), and Rico at SM and had our dinner at Burger King.

Meet Ivan, Lhey, Chel, Zes, and moi! (Rico took this pic)

I love being with them so much! So much.

And wait, the fun still didn't end there!! More photos below!

Now, meet my Offlimits fam (Ange, moi, Jannie, Issa, Aly, Zia, Faye, Bom, and Thonie - still not complete)!

Issa and I preferred to just pose than to jump. Hahahaha!

Offli with Isel and Bom!

Those swag poses

With Dek and Benson now!

I think I really am a retard. Hahahahahaha!

Hi, Lhey!
We really had enjoyed Aly's birthday (hi, Aly)! Too bad, I went home immediately since I can't afford going home very late. It is a no-no for me already because you will never know what will happen. Nowadays, bad guys are increasing.

Before ending this post, of course I couldn't take not to show you my outfit that day! On to the outfit:

Justice Yellow Tank Top | F-Stop Denim Jacket | SM Department Store Striped Skirt

Mango Bag | Hang Ten Socks | Bayo Brogues

Zara Stacked Necklace

I went for a look that screams brights and neons! That is why I love summer! But I love it not because of the weather (I hate hot weather! Who doesn't?) but because of the trends - neons, brights, florals, denims, crop tops, pastels, flowy, sheers, etc!! I can't wait to hoard spring/summer pieces (I need money though)! Maybe, I'll be doing a comeback collection for my shop, It's Up To G (Facebook & Multiply). What do you think, dears? :) Is it a yay or a nay? Comment away!

I am ending this post with this question: Can you imagine life without friends?

P.S. Sorry for overloading you with lots and lots of photos!

Photos were grabbed from Chel, Thonie, and Donchi.

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