Friday, April 13, 2012

Give Me Some Love

Brother's Shirt | Sicko Pants | SM Department Store Bowler Hat

Loving my mint green polish!

My favorite photo!
Yesterday, I dressed like a "damsel in distress" - look at my shirt... the text on it: Give me some love! I so love this shirt but sadly this is not mine!!! And the hat... this bowler hat is just too gorgeous! It actually screams two things, vintage and summer! I got this from the kids' section cause I can't find bowler hats in the men's/women's section. I was just so happy finding this pretty hat! This was my outfit while doing some errands in UST. The heat was totally (as in, totally!!) unbearable yesterday. I was feeling like a roasted chicken!!! How I wish the weather won't be as harsh as yesterday's in the coming days!

P.S. How are you doing, guys? How's the beach? Well, I haven't gone to the beach/pool yet... hopefully, one of these days. Hopefully!

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