Saturday, April 14, 2012

Use Your Heart To See

"The vision of us may be blurry... but use your heart to see."

Stradivarium Red Shirt | Zara Jumper | Dorothy Perkins Belt

SM Department Store Bowler Hat

Hang Ten Socks | Bass Shoes
I miss being a kid!! So, I decided why not dress like one today?! This outfit really echoed my childhood days: playful and fun! I mean look at those pieces... very childlike. Sorry if you would find some of the photos here disturbing because of the extra. Hahahaha! And oh you can actually see the bruise on my leg in the last photo! Uh-oh!

P.S. I hope you like my look, dears! :)

Photos by Dad



  1. Hi! Why do you like wearing a school shoes over a stylish one? I think it's more suitable with your current outfit and previous outfits. :)

    1. Hello! :) These are not my school shoes. They're handed down to me by my mom. :) I think these are stylish too! I just hope my photos would give justice to my vintage shoes. :D Thank you for dropping by. :>


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