Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In Need Of Attention

Screenshot of my new blog design

I was so inspired that I tweaked my blog layout a bit; hence, the new banner. I love the simplicity and cuteness of it!! I went for pastels since I am really going crazy over them especially lilac! Hopefully, I would be able to tweak my side bar too.

Oh, have I told you that I am running a blog shop also? I named it Shop Gemnikka On The Go. Please do visit it for fashionable items at reasonable prices!! I also tweaked it a bit but its design is just the same as my blog's.

Screenshot of my blog shop

Please, please, please do pay a visit and email me what you like to buy, okay? On a side note, I am welcoming blog layout projects or artworks!! Just reach me out through my email address ( if you have questions, inquiries, or the like. I would be grateful to be working with you! :)


  1. I love your new header, so colorful :)

  2. liking your new banner, babe! job well done!


    1. Oh, wow!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!!! <3 xx

  3. lovely blog! xx


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