Saturday, May 5, 2012

Is It Too Late To Try?

Bayo Top | Zara Skirt

Aldo Stacked Necklaces | Single Necklace (gift)

Bracelet (gift)

Goody Spin Pins

The weather these days are totally bipolar - half of the day, the sun shines while the other half, the clouds cry. And what do we problem the most when going out having this kind of weather? What to wear. Exactly. So this was the look I came up to do groceries with my aunt. Tried out stripes and checkered together, and played with colors again. I really do enjoy injecting colors into my look! I decided to tie my hair up with the help of the ever reliable, Goody spin pins. I should actually be showing you my footwear, but unfortunately the rain didn't permit me doing such. My Converse sneakers had accidentally taken a bath. Hahahaha!

P.S. What do you usually wear whenever the weather seems to be bipolar, dears?

Photos by RG and Dad

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