Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jessie Is Here; Where's Buzz Lightyear?

Meldz - the debutante

Her cutie patootie cake

Goodies overload

Zara Checkered Dress (tied up) | Topshop Vest | Sicko Jeans | SM Department Store Hat | Boots (borrowed)

My masterpiece

Dona, Thonie, moi, Jhane

I don't remember the name of this game. Sorry!

Instagram time!

Jio, Dona, Thonie, Zes, Meldz, Jhane, Lhey, moi

With the gang

I got to attend my close friend's (Meldz) debut celebration last week. The party gave me the chance to experience how fun and enjoying it is to be a "kid" again even for just a day. It was a day full of games, surprises, cute things, and of course... heartfelt memories. I actually had the moment to dress up like Jessie in Toy Story (Buzz's lady!). I didn't as in copy her look; I added a modern touch to it. I put the look all together the Gem way - checkered polo, grunge vest, jeans, bowler hat, and cowgirl boots - and I am all set! Thank you Meldz for the invite! :)

Photos grabbed from Thonie and Lhey

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