Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Adopt My Wardrobe Pieces

Good day, dears! I am here in McDonald's... sipping a vanilla iced coffee while blogging. I am currently having problems of clicking the "!" here on my notebook. So I just searched for the "!". Did the copy-and-paste magic and... voila! And oh btw, I am also in my uniform that is the reason why I can't do outfit posts during school days. Sad, I know. My cheeks are already somewhat okay now. The wire of my braces doesn't poke them and that's really a good thing (thanks to my dentist)! I am really a random person... sorry guys! Hahaha lol Now, on to the main topic...

See those "mountain ranges" of clothes? Yes, it's the time again to cleanup my closet. And boy was I surprised with the number of items I have in my wardrobe. Crazy. So, why am I decluttering? Because new clothes/shoes/bags/accessories are coming.

Here's a teaser of my new things. Actually, I had used some of them in my recent outfit posts. Do check them out (here and here).

There you go, expect new pieces which will be up for grabs!! I will post them on my blog's shop anytime soon!!! I will just keep you guys updated and of course stay tuned, okay? Time to head to school now. Later, dears!

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